Best Surfing Beaches in UK

For several people, it can be a surprise to know that the UK has several surfing beaches. Apart from surfing being a challenging pursuit, it is associated with the rewards that are associated with the improvements that are worthwhile for several wipe outs.

Locate A Beach that Meets Your Experience Level

You need to locate a beach that matches your experience level. Within UK, there are several beaches with manageable waves and excellent surf schools. For instance, in the north-east region of England, you can consider visiting the Saltburn beach. On both side of the pier, it is easy to locate the tame beginner waves.

Moreover, above the beach, there is Saltburn Surf Shop that provides you everything that you need. You can get affordable lessons and advices on how to use equipment. The fact that it is sometimes difficult to know the board to purchase, there is always friendly advice that you need to get.

For budding surfing, the United Kingdom’s south-west region is considered to be the best. Cornwall is known for having excellent surfing beaches. Specifically, Newquay has been taking pride on Fistral Beach. Despite the beaches in this region being popular, they offer excellent surfing experience. Without difficulties, more manageable waves are ever experienced.

Nevertheless, the Fistral Beach’s popularity is known for not being conducive for some new surfers. On the board, it can be difficult to stand up. The catching waves can be about 40 feet. For individuals who are looking for a calm place where they can learn surfing with difficulties in Newquay, it is advisable to consider Watergate Bay; Watergate Bay is believed to be an excellent alternative. For beginners, the sea at this bay is perceived to be perfect. It is associated with gentle currents and small waves; this makes possible for beginners not to struggle whenever they fall off. Also, there is also quality surfing instruction for beginners.

Learning to Surf

When it comes to learning how to surf, there is a need for having decent boards. In the United Kingdom, the beginner-oriented surf beaches are known for having surf shops. You need not to be quick at plunging in and buying the first boards that you come across. It is important to seek for recommendations and advices from different people; this is significant when it comes to making informed purchases. If you consider getting a brand online, you are most likely to get an excellent deal before your trip. You can as well consider hiring a broad if you are not sure of taking to the sport.


You can visit today; they have both old and new surfboards for you. There are several surfing beaches in the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to look for one that meets your experience level. Moreover, you need to familiarize yourself with 10 of the best surfing beaches in the UK for you to enjoy surfing experience. If you cannot hire a surfboard, consider quality and durable one.