tower bridge

Tower Bridge is an endless source of fascination for visitors. Many of those who visit the Tower of London often wait a long time to see the pavement cleared to allow an ocean-going vessel to enter the Pool of London. Although the two scales carrying the causeway each weigh over 1,000 tonnes, they can be lifted in less than two minutes. The bridge was built between 1886 and 1894 by the City of London Corporation to connect the south-eastern suburbs with the city and east London. It cost more than a million pounds.

Since its solemn inauguration on June 30, 1894, Tower Bridge has become one of the main symbols of London. You can still admire its original hydraulic machinery, used until 1976, and enjoy a magnificent view from the upper deck. The time at which the weighbridge is weighed is given by Tower Bridge Lift Information.

Nearby is Tower Pier, the embarkation point for the river piers that take tourists on short trips to places of interest. The river foreshore in front of the Tower of London, which is part of the Tower grounds, is used as a fun beach by children. They have the late Lord Wakefield to thank for this open-air delight. In 1934, when he was Sir Charles Wakefield, he obtained permission from King George V to convert the shoreline into a playground by spreading hundreds of tons of sand on the gravel beach. It opened this year and has been popular ever since.

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