Abbey Road

The Beatles’ Abbey Road is the famous street of the Liverpool singers in London. Fans of the London quartet should include the typical photo on the pedestrian crossing in their tour.

The Beatles’ Abbey Road in London is the studio where the Beatles recorded and performed the song All You Need Is Love, as well as using the crosswalk as a backdrop for the album cover. Today, the Beatles are part of music history and the Abbey Road cover has become a pop culture icon. The album bearing the same name as the street was released in 1969 and the idea for the photos came from Paul McCartney.

Photos at Abbey Road

The album cover shows the four Beatles crossing the street on the zebra crossing. This scene is reproduced to this day by many fans of the rock band. If you are a fan of the four boys from Liverpool, it is your duty to walk down the street and try to simulate the image on the cover.
Although the classic image is reproduced by many, not everyone follows it to the letter. In some photos, fans are seen alone, accompanied, standing still or striking a pose. In any case, it is worth going there and taking the classic picture. However, you have to remember that the street is always full, either by tourists or by traffic.

But what is very interesting and convenient is that there is a 24-hour camera that shows the place live on the Internet. This is very useful, because it is possible to monitor the street and know if it is raining or if there are people around. With the surveillance, it is possible to observe the movement and the camera helps the tourist to determine if it is the best time to go there.


Abbey Road Studios

Abbey Road Studios has hosted many artists who have recorded there. Among the bands we have: Blur, Sarah Brightman, Green Day, Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger, Lady Gaga, Oasis, Pink Floyd, Queen and many more, as well as the Beatles and many more.
However, right on the front is the first tribute to Sir Edward Elgar, the classical British composer who conducted the symphony orchestra when the studio opened in 1931.
Inside the shop, you’ll find memorabilia and items referencing the Beatles, but also other artists. The shop is fairly modern and uncluttered, with some neon decorations. The studio is not open to the public.

Abbey Road Studio

The studio wall

In addition to the studio’s fame, the wall has come to receive several tributes from beatlemaniacs. In the space, there are several messages, with lyrics, references and songs from the band. By the way, don’t forget to leave your contribution.

How to get to Abbey Road?

To get to Abbey Road, the nearest tube station is John Wood on the Jubilee line. When you arrive, walk for five minutes along Grove End Road, turn right and you will arrive at Beatles Street.